VS Code is an important tool for most of the developers in todays world. I learned most of the shortcuts about this, I thought of sharing them with you. Here is a story related with it.

1. Inserting mulitple cursors in a page - (Alt + mouse click)

This shortcut is used when you have to write same content on more than one places. Just use shortcut and place more than one cursors on the editor.

Alt+click vscode shortcut demo

2. Box selection using mouse - (Shift + Alt + drag mouse)

In this shortcut you can select a box of text like you draw something on paint. Cursor is being placed on all the lines that are selected. Means if you write something it will reflect on all selected lines.

Shift+Alt+drag mouse vscode shortcut demo

3. Select all occurence of currently selected word/text - (Ctrl + F2)

Select a word/text and press Ctrl + F2, then all occurence of this text is selected. You can edit this word at every place.

Ctrl+F2 vscode shortcut demo

4. Reopen closed tabs - (Ctrl + Shift + T)

With the help of this shortcut you can reopen recently closed tab. It is super useful when you mistakenly closes any unsaved tab.

Try this out in your browser as well.

5. Open integrated terminal - (Ctrl + ` )

With the help of this you can open or close vscode terminal. It will even create new if not already created.

Try this on your VScode editor.

Bonus: Open Command Panel - (Ctrl + Shift + P or F1)

Command panel is rather necessary thing while working, Now you can easily open command panel.

Ctrl+Shift+P or F1 vscode shortcut demo


So here comes the end, these were our most important shortcuts according to me. If you want to take a look at all of them here is the link.

Windows Visual studio shortcuts

Linux Visual studio shortcuts

Mac OS Visual studio shortcuts

If you have any doubt or something else in your mind please do let me know.

Thanks for reading this post. Bye 👋