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In today’s world having a personal website is really necessary. People find it useful to know about a person what he/she do on daily basis by looking at their websites. Sometimes we don’t have access to enough money so that we can pay for a website on different hosting platform. Or we really don’t want to spend money on websites for the first time. Sometimes we do this for learning purposes.

So in this post we are going to create a personal website from scratch with custom hosting and custom domain.

In order to create a website, we need 2 basic things.

  1. Domain name 
  2. Hosting server


Domain is a uniquely identified address for your website which redirects to your websites IP address using DNS.

We need to buy domains or say register them to any reputed domain registrar. There are more than one option to choose from for paid domain registration. But we are going with one free alternative


To buy a free domain from we need to create an account on their website. It’s an easy process, so I am skipping it and simply showing process after that.

After login, you will be landed on the client area page 


now click Services > Register a new Domain

Now you need to search for a domain that you like.


There are so many options available for free domains like, .tk, .fr, .cc etc. We will choose .tk

Now click on checkout option. Then website will ask you for a period for which you need to buy this website. Select maximum free period allowed.

12 month

Then click on the continue button and fill out the form with the required information and Then Click Complete order button.

Done we successfully purchased a free domain for a year.

And Here completes the work of Domain side now let’s move towards hosting

I believe in taking small steps that’s why I wanted to keep this blog not long enough.

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